Election Law in New Jersey

How to better serve our constituents

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RMC 2 Elec; 2 Prof Dev
CMFO/CCFO 2 Off Mgnt/Anc Sub
CTC 2 Gen/Sec
CPWM 2 Mgnt
QPA 2 Off Adm/GenDut
RPPO/RPPS 2 Mgt/Superv Plng/Zng Brd Sec, Zoning Offic and LU Adm 2 Adm

Course Description

The instructor will present an overall statutory review of mandates for election officials including specific responsibilities of Secretary of State; County Superintendents of Elections; County Boards of Election; County Clerks; School Board Secretaries and Fire District Commissioners. Attendees will learn the protocol for distribution of nomination petitions; log books and drawing for ballot order. The instructor will address voter registration requirements including criminal/mental disqualifiers; 17-year-old voter registration, ID and residency statutes. The class will cover electioneering at the polling place and exit polling. Other topics will include: challengers process/restrictions and hearing officer protocol for petition challenges.

Part II: Customer Service: This section will address why customer service is so important (“Why bother?”) and explore the public sector monopoly and motivation to provide good services. Attendees will be encouraged to understand and appreciate the “first barriers” of customer service (i.e. telephones, receptionists, glass partitions and ropes, including how to make screeners work for you and your customer). The presenter will expose the apathy toward customer service in the public sector (“It’s not my job” and other complaints) and show the importance of training and development to provide tools and resources for public servants. There will be advice and pointers for defusing customer complaints as well as a look at the importance of implementing accountability features (feedback and surveys). One of the highlights of the class will be the instructor’s segment on Building a Class A Team. As time permits examples will be provided and questions will be addressed.


Joanne Rajoppi - Five-term Union County Clerk and public servant with more than forty years of service in the state of New Jersey.

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Friday, June 14th, 2019
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