“GOVERNMENT ETHICS” is NOT an oxymoron!

Becoming the exception rather than the fool

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RMC 4 Ethics
CMFO/CCFO 4 Ethics
RPPO/RPPS 4 Ethics
CTC 4 Ethics
CPWM 4 Ethics
QPA 4 Ethics
CPE 4 Prof Ethics
P/Z BrdSec/ZO & LUAdm 4 Adm
CRP 4 Classroom
W/WW App filed

Course Description

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This presentation encourages local government officers and employees to view their career in public service as a high and noble calling that warrants their pursuit of integrity and excellence in the performance of their official duties in the public interest. Public servants possess administrative and fiduciary responsibilities to be good stewards of the public’s funds, assets and resources. Their profession is a worthy vocation and a fascinating journey that yields many joys and surprising rewards when it is navigated faithfully. But, it is also fraught with many challenges and temptations that must be courageously faced and boldly resisted.

Schedule and Overivew

Sections 1-4 | 9:00am - 1:00pm


Dave Nenno | 2010 to present - CEUnion: Ethics and professional development training. 1976-2010 NJDCA | DLGS | Local Finance Board (retired). Ethics complaint investigator. Daily guidance to local governments in matters pertaining to the jurisdiction and application of the Ethics Law, the establishment of local ethics boards and the filing requirements of the Annual Financial Disclosure Statement.

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