CEUnion now offers Webinars


Are your webinars live or recorded? At CEUnion our webinars are always live.

Do I need a microphone on my device? No, most webinars will start with the presenter speaking for 45 minutes and you can type questions in chat. There will be a question and answer segiment at the end of each webinar but you do not need a microphone.

When should I log in? It is best to arrive 15 minutes early to test that your audio and video is working correctly to verify you can both see and hear the webinar.

Where do I go to view the webinar? After registering using the online form, you will be sent a link to that meeting via the email you signed up with. If you do not provide an email we will not be able to send you a link.

How do I get my credits? A certificate will be emailed to you within two business days after the webinar.

Basic Requirements

Supported Internet Browsers

For more information, visit Zoom's Support Website Click here.